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We provide medical aesthetic procedures, plastic surgery and hair transplantation services in our Levent Aesthetic Center, which is at your service with our 35 years of experience and successful doctor staff.

All of our services within our organization are carried out by our expert esthetician staff and specialist physicians in sterile environments designed to serve in our hospital.

Our Levent aesthetic Center, which provides service with the principle of "beauty with health, stay healthy young" by keeping health ahead of everything, proved its difference from its competitors in the sector and became Levent's most frequently visited Hospital.

Levent Aesthetic, which continues to provide the most privileged service by using the latest technologies in the light of 35 years of experience of our hospital, has proven its difference in its field.

Our clinic will continue to provide quality service with its friendly staff without losing your precious time by keeping the satisfaction of all its clients at the forefront.

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We care about the health of our guests with its patient-oriented approach, distinguished doctor staff, experienced health personnel, medical infrastructure and technology.

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In our hospitals in Istanbul, we offer aesthetic services, plastic surgery and hair transplantation treatments on the basis of quality healthcare.

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Non-Surgical Face Lift

You may be afraid of surgery and want to get rid of wrinkles. With a non-surgical facelift, you can achieve your goal without stitch marks and pain.

Leg Aesthetics

Get the ideal legs in your mind! Solve leg aesthetic problems such as lower and upper leg disproportion, wrist and knee area thickness, leg and body incompatibility.


With the developed botox applications, you can achieve an effective result in a short time and have smooth skin without surgery, without dealing with stitch marks.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is the choice of those who want to get rid of disproportionate, flat, cellulite and sagging hips. With this method, you can also have hips suitable for your fit appearance!

Nasal Tip Aesthetics

The most important factor that can change facial beauty alone is the nose. A small touch to your nose with nose tip aesthetics can carry your beauty to a completely different dimension!


With filling applications, it is possible to eliminate the deformation in almost every part of your body from cheek to lip, from leg to chest and you can feel that you are rejuvenated.

Male Genital Aesthetics

Insecurity negatively affects sexuality, sexual and social behaviours. In order not to enter this cycle, the cure is to apply male genital aesthetic methods and regain your self-confidence.

Eyelid aesthetic

If you want to remove your sagging, loose, wrinkled or discoloured eyelids, you can correct this situation in a healthy way with eyelid aesthetics.

Light Fill

Hyaluronic acid, B6, zinc, iron, antioxidants and amino acids. If you want to have radiant skin, the light filling is for you!

J Plasma

You can also easily get rid of your cellulite with J Plasma treatment, which can be applied to the neck, hips, belly, hip, back, chest and thigh areas, which provides versatile and positive results.


If the size of the chest in men is larger than normal and disproportionate in shape, it can turn into a physical and psychological problem. Both ideal appearance and self-confidence can be restored with gynecomastia treatment.

Female Genital Aesthetics

If you do not find your genital area aesthetic, sexual reluctance and damage to your bilateral relationship might occur. With genital aesthetic applications, you can have a better appearance and improve your sexual experiences.

Brow Lift

If your eyebrows, which are the crown of your facial beauty, do not look the way you want with traditional methods, you can choose eyebrow lift applications and increase your energy with eye-catching eyebrows.

Arm Lift

If your arm skin sagging, raising your arms may feel like torment. With the arm lift operation, you can get rid of the sagging appearance and experience the freedom of moving easily by throwing the loads on your arms.

Ear Aesthetics

There may be deformities in your or your child's ears, such as dandruff. You can have healthy and natural-looking ears with ear aesthetic operation, which can also be applied to children.

Laser Liposuction

Do not waste your time looking for new methods against stubborn fat that you can never get rid of from your body. With the laser liposuction method, you can remove fat from any part of your body and reshape your body lines.


The short operation, the fast healing process and effective results: Say goodbye to your fats with Lipomatic. With Lipomatic, fats that cannot be melted with diet and sports activities are removed from the tissues.


In which area do you complain about the most oils? If you want to reduce regional fat in areas such as hips, hips, belly, jowls and waist and reach a fit-looking body, liposuction is the solution!

Breast Augmentation

Having erect and plump breasts is the dream of many women. If you are one of them, you can make your dream come true by choosing the most suitable breast augmentation method.

Breast Lift

Many factors such as various diseases, birth, weakened connective tissue, advancing age cause sagging of the breasts. Regardless of the factor, erect breasts can be obtained with breast lift applications.

Breast Reduction

Some of the genetically inherited physical features, such as disproportionate large breasts, can negatively affect both your appearance and your psychology. A more proportional body is not impossible with breast reduction operations!

Mini Abdominal Lift

Little touches can make a big impact. With mini tummy tuck applications, you can eliminate small deformations in your abdominal area and protect your aesthetic appearance.


Rejuvenate yourself with PRP! Thanks to PRP applied with rejuvenating and healing substances in your blood, you can get rid of problems such as wrinkling, sagging and discolouration in a healthy way.


Anything you do not like in your nose can be removed with rhinoplasty. Non-aesthetic appearances such as the size of the nose, nasal arch, trapezoid appearance and face-nose disproportion can be corrected with rhinoplasty.

Full Abdominal Lift

If things are out of control in your abdominal area, you may need a full tummy tuck. With a full tummy tuck where deformations such as sagging and cracking are eliminated, you can have a flat stomach in proportion to your body.

Oil Injection

Like excess fat, insufficient fat can also damage your body's aesthetic appearance. With oil injection, the body appearance is achieved by injecting oil to the required area.

Face and Neck Lift

Deformations in your face and neck region due to diseases or natural processes overshadows your beauty. You can bring your beauty back to life with surgical and non-surgical face and neck lifting methods.

Levent Esthetic

Levent Hospital is at your service with aesthetic-plastic
surgery and hair transplantation services ...


I've been here a lot of times now and this year I'll be coming here again. The workers are so friendly and put you at ease. Beforehand, I had rhinoplasty somewhere and they ruined up my nose. I had awful bruises and swelling as well. For revision rhinoplasty, I came to Levent Aesthetic and they did a brilliant job with very little bruising or swelling. On 2 different occasions, I then went back for an eyebrow transplant and lip lift and each time I was more than pleased. It's fairly priced, very clean & when you're ready to go back to the hotel, you have your own place to recover in. They even have a driver who will pick you up and take you to and from the clinic from the airport. Highly recommended.